Aerial Photography and Documentation for Construction Projects
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Site Documentation and Project Insight

Record and document site conditions and safety compliance while showing stakeholders what progress has been made in an easy to grasp, visually compelling way!
Our typical documentation package includes low-level, high quality photos of the entire site, a 3D model, an orthophoto of the site, and a video orbit of the entire site or videos of two sides of the site (sides of your choosing). Point cloud mapping also available!
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Aerial Site

As low as
$ 119 Per visit
  • Low-level, high quality site photos
  • Video orbit or flyover of site
  • Orthophotos of site (available by request)
  • * $149/visit for monthly visits

Floor View Spherical 360° Panoramas

$ 59 Per floor
  • Your choice of spherical or standard 360 panorama
  • Source photos used to make panorama
  • $49/floor over 20 floors
  • * 3 floor minimum

Point Cloud Exterior
Site Map Addon

+85 Per visit
  • Interactive, high detail 3D site map (0.4 in/pixel available)
  • Exportable in LAS and XYZ point cloud file types
  • * $204/visit if ordered individually

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