Seattle Penthouse 3

Drone Photo Shoot: Downtown Seattle Penthouse

Views of the water, the space needle, and Key Arena. Rooftop hot tub. Tasteful art scattered throughout. Functional and elegant kitchen. I must say, this was the most beautiful penthouse I have ever had the privilege of shooting.

People who know me know that I am house type of person. I like having my feet on the ground and enjoy having my own yard. That being said, if I was ever going to live in a high rise, it would be in a space like this. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would be if the entire floor was part of it (there was a twin penthouse on the other side).

Anyway, I flew this shoot in the blue hour, getting some beautiful pictures right before and after sunset. In the end it sold for a little over 2MM. Here’s a couple of the photos I took there:

Seattle Penthouse 1 Seattle Penthouse 2

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