Ankle Deep: a Water Ballet

Briar Rose Bates Recently I was privileged to be part a unique performance art piece, providing the aerial photography for this one-time performance. This was the final artistic act of Briar Rose Bates, a local artist. She conceived of and directed this until she succumbed to cancer only a few weeks before it was scheduled to happen.

I never got to meet Briar, but from what I learned of her I wish I had. Though I suppose everyone that was a part of or has seen “Ankle Deep” has met her at least a little.

This was an unusual job for several reasons: this would be the first time I would film a performance art piece, and I would do it for free. I felt I should volunteer my expertise after I found out the reason for this event: it was her final wish that her friends help her make this a reality.

So I did the aerial camera work for this, filming the entire wading pool filled with 43 friends of Briar Bates in matching swimsuits from above while Levi Clark over at Soundview Photography did the conventional camera work.

Briar Bates passed away on June 28th, 2017, and “Ankle Deep: A Water Ballet” was performed on July 24th. In a way, she lives on in the energetic performance of her friends. I was just lucky to be there as a witness, recording it for the rest of the world.

Full video below:


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