Drone Video Shoot: 9603 SE 61st Pl, Mercer Island

There are some houses that are so beautiful it seems like they should sell themselves. In actuality, it’s these properties that need even more attention than usual to make sure potential buyers get the full impact of what’s on offer. 9603 SE 61st Pl on Mercer Island is one such property.

So for this property, I not only took a ton of exterior photos, I also made a full walkthrough using exterior aerial footage, exterior photos and interior photos. Interior photos are not one of our standard services since we specialize in aerial photography, but the client loved our drone photos so much he requested us to do the video and interior photos.

Here’s a couple of the photos we took plus the video walkthrough:

9603 SE 61st PL, Mercer Island full walkthrough from Erik Holsather on Vimeo.

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