Drone Success Story: 2612 S Ferdinand St, Seattle

Here’s another great client success story- aerial photos resulting a great increase in sales price versus comp houses nearby. But I’m getting ahead of myself a little. Here’s the context.

A little over a month ago, I was hired to take some aerial photos of an interesting property with great territorial views in Seattle. So I went there and took my standard package of photos- I usually take 50-70, which I cut down in the editing process to 20-30.

These turned out great- it was a beautiful day, and while it was a challenge to get the front door of this property from the air, in the end I covered all the necessary angles and features well.

I delivered the photos to my broker client promptly as I always do and moved on with the satisfied feeling of a job well done. However, recently I checked back in on this property as I sometimes do with past jobs (mainly to see which of my pics were used in the final listing) and discovered another example of how much value aerial photos can add.

The house had been sold for 195k (35%) over list! I know Seattle is a very hot market right now, but still. This compares to a very close comp that sold for just 15k (3%) over list.

Plus, the listing that used my aerial photos has almost twice as many views, 2.5 times the favorites and fewer x-outs.

Now, I don’t want you to think I attribute the entire market response difference between these two photos to drone shots alone. No doubt the broker I worked with did a number of other things better than her competition, and it’s possible she underpriced the property more. However, I keep seeing examples of this with my clients and have yet to see a case where the opposite was true.

Also, views, favorites and x-outs on nearby, comparable properties is much more driven by the appeal of the photos, especially the cover photo that you see before you click on the listing.


Anyway, you can decide for yourself- here’re the listings and a few select photos from this shoot:




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