Drone Photo Shoot: 42nd Ave, Seattle (plus Boat Parade 2017!)

I was contacted late Friday night by Frank Jenkins, the owner of Vista Estate Imaging, about a client of his that was looking for an emergency drone shoot the next day. Fortunately I was able to accommodate this, and I’m glad I could. Not only was it extremely helpful for the client, it was a blast.

When I got there I found out they were also having a open house-type party- sandwiches, snacks, good champagne, and mimosas. Plus, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and they wanted me to get footage of the boat parade and the stadium. So I flew quite a distance across the water and took some pics while basically directly over them. It was quite nerve-wracking to be that far out over hostile territory, but it was good experience.


This was one of my favorite shoots so far- interesting, challenging, perfect weather and mimosas! Who could ask for more?





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